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Xavier Delcourt founded HiFive in 2001 after more than 20 years of professional experience in ICT companies, he has a degree in engineering, public relations, marketing management and an executive MBA from KU Leuven/Kellogg/Stanford. Xavier worked for major ICT companies such as Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Randstad and Microsoft as marketing manager, sales executive and business manager. He is passionate about making the learning process more efficient, the Marketplace Simulations he is coaching in Universities all around Europe is delivering on that promise.

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HiFive Services

We run e-Commerce businesses, we publish books, we advise clients at a strategic level with our management consultancy services and we execute marketing campaigns. You want to offer your Bachelor or Master students more than 30 years experience in Business and Marketing? That is what we have: A strong academic background, great teaching skills combined with up-to-date knowledge and practical experience in e-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Business Development and Marketing Management.

HiFive STUDIO services

We design and deliver marketing plans and marketing deliverables for our clients worldwide to support their international deployment. Business Development, strategic marketing and branding, advertising, digital marketing and e-Commerce are just a few examples of the services we deliver.

HiFive TRAINING services

We deliver seminars to Bachelor and Master students on topics such as Management, Marketing and e-Commerce. To have an overview of the content we deliver, we refer to the course section. The Marketplace Simulation platform consolidates all this content into a great student adventure.

HiFive PUBLISHING services

We design and publish Catalogues, e-Publications, Newsletters, Magazines and deliver an editorial workflow software to support the Content Marketing efforts of our clients. Our experience in ICT and Publishing allows us to offer database publishing services and database integration.

HiFive Courses

All our courses and workshops are supported by extensive academic background information, textbooks, cases, exercises and online tutorials. You'll find in this section all the information you need to participate to a HiFive TRAINING session. You will need to register to our website before attending our courses. This will allow us to prepare our course material and to do an excellent follow up in case you need advice or a reference letter for instance. Please register to HiFive TRAINING.

Marketplace Simulation at HiFive TRAINING

01 - Marketplace Simulation

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Crisis Management at HiFive TRAINING

02 - Business Analysis (Risk & Crisis CASE)

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International Marketing at HiFive TRAINING

03 - International Marketing

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Channel Management at HiFive TRAINING

05 - Channel Management

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e-Commerce workshop at HiFive TRAINING

06 - e-Commerce workshop

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Digital Marketing at HiFive TRAINING

07 - Digital Marketing workshop

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Marketplace Simulation

Scenario Play

Below is a preview of one of the Marketplace Simulations we organise for Universities in Europe. The video shows one of the simulations we coach, it includes financial management, channel management, marketing, sales, human resources and seed capital management. View a scenario example for this simulation to have a good understanding of the functionalities these online simulations could offer you.
You will be able to login to The Marketplace Simulation once you received the id and password from yThe Marketplace Simulation coach during the introduction session on day 1.

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